Alcons Audio Pro-Ribbon Loudspeakers

Hi-Fi sound at Concert SPL

Surefoot Sound, LLC is proud to be part of the Alcons Audio Team, our personnel participate in National Trade Show Events and Demonstrations, and we stage Alcons Audio Demonstrations of our own in the Central third of the US. We are authorized to demonstrate, sell, and install Alcons systems anywhere in the US. We do respect the territories of other Alcons dealers and work with them cooperatively.

Our installed Alcons System base is growing, we'll highlight some here.
Hynes Event Center, Mercedes Texas

A primer on Pro-Ribbon High Frequency drivers
Alcons Audio Pro-Ribbon drivers, in contrast to other ribbon drivers, exhibit very wide horizontal dispersion patterns (actual 90 or 120 degrees depending on product and application), and very narrow (15 degrees depending on array configuration) vertical patterns making them ideal for line array and line source applications.

With very low moving mass and none of the compression chamber introducing distortion found in compression drivers, Pro-Ribbons easily reach 20khz with no listener fatigue.

When wider horizontal dispersions are required (up to 120 degrees) a "morpher" waveguide is added to open the horizontal pattern further.

When wider vertical dispersion is required (such as in point source or constant curvature applications) a waveguide with vertical pattern expansion as well as horizontal pattern expansion is used, and asymmetrical patterns (wider vertical dispersion on the bottom of the pattern) can also be realized.
Pro-Ribbons are slightly less efficient than compression drivers. However, in their ideal passband they are capable of handling greater power to bring them into parity with compression drivers without attendant distortion. See this recent detailed test of the LR18 Line Array by Production Partner for more information. It's worth your while.


From the tiny 4" ribbon of the LR7 line array, the LR18 Line Array, the massive 14" ribbon of the LR28 Arena Line Array or the 18" ribbon of the QR36 line source array column, or any of the Alcons Pro-ribbon products, Pro-Ribbon drivers shine.

EASE .gll files on any Alcons Product are available on the respective product pages.