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Surefoot Microphone Support Products
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Status Report on production of Surefoot product - June 3, 2017  - New pics of products, processes and parts.





Microphone Support Products and Accessories

Custom Applications and modifications:
Larry Gatlin's Guitar Stands
Ultra High Stability Orchestral Music Stand
Lighting fixture ground support

The dreaded 8 pound test

Powder Coat Finishes



Our mission:
Our mission is to manufacture very high quality products entirely on-shore in the United States, with NO cheap offshore content if we can avoid it.

We toured for a number of years, and our goal is to manufacture robust and versatile microphone support products that we would want to use.

We hate lame mic stands, are really unhappy that manufacturing of almost all of them has been moved offshore, with less than adequate quality.

Sales, at least for the forseeable future, will be direct-to-end-user.

Our products are designed to be serviceable in the field and we support them. If there is a flaw in our products, we want to know about it, and we'll fix it and make a retrofit available.

We have sought out local and regional specialty process suppliers: Foundries, machine and CNC shops, tubing suppliers, precision plastics machining houses (tube slides), and paint suppliers/jobbers; who employ people stateside. We require assurance that parts and services that we use originate onshore. We visit facilities to know our suppliers and develop relationships.

These are Pro Products, we hope to see them in wide use in touring and high-end installations.

We hope that when people buy tickets to productions, that some little part of that ticket winds up going back into the American economy, and specifically the manufacturing economy.

"Onshoring" is challenging. Key manufacturing in the US has been eroded to the point that it's tough to find these suppliers. Some minor parts that we need are only made offshore, but we have no quarrel with quality manufacture in Europe, and some component pieces are European through US Distributors. We will move them onshore as we can over time.

Pre-production Prototypes

Shown below are pieces and assemblies that illustrate the flexibility and adaptability of the Surefoot modular approach.
We expect to be in production and have product available for sale in the 4th Quarter of 2016 or 1st Quarter of 2017.
These prototypes have been making the rounds of Pro Users and some selected trade shows, getting feedback and suggestions, some of which have become revisions.
There are more ideas to come, but those ideas will not materially alter the examples shown below.

If you have ideas, input, or criticism we want to hear them.


The Surefoot line consists of Surefoot and Longfoot stand bases, Black Max stand poles and booms, as well as specialized modifications to other quality products from other manufacturers to make them more suitable for their intended purpose.

Surefoot Stands and booms are very lightweight to keep the center of mass and balance close to the base, while being very strong.

The products are less about fixed configurations, and more about a set of bases, tubes, parts, and accessories that can be used to create stand and boom assemblies to fill unusual or custom requirements, while familiar configurations of stands and booms are available.

 Custom application requests are welcome. Non-standard tube lengths can be made to your specifications.
We can supply road trunks or travel cases specifically for your custom assembly that conform to truck pack dimensions.

Anything in the line is available singly or in combination. For example, if you have existing stand poles/stems that you want to equip with Surefoot or Longfoot bases, we're happy to supply you with bases only, provided that they are compatible.


The Surefoot Family

These are examples, any standard length or custom length tubing can be used to build special configurations


Surefoot Base with 7/8" stand tube

Longfoot Base with 1-1/4" (threaded 1-1/8") stand tube

Surefoot and Longfoot Bases - The foundation of stand assemblies.

Precision thick matchplate castings with reinforcing ribs integral to the castings, and legs with locking levers which rotate and fold for transit without the need to remove them from the stand poles.

Optional fixed facility configuration with bolt / wingnut leg clamping available.


Precision tap and die, and CNC machined threads

Clean, hard, and sharp threading cut to proper depth that will stand up under repeated threading and unthreading cycles.

Surefoot bases have a footprint slightly larger than a standard round base (typically threaded for industry standard 7/8" tube).
Longfoot bases have a footprint slightly larger than a conventional heavy duty round base (typically threaded for industry standard 1-1/8" tube).
When deployed or folded for transit, the legs are held in position by locking levers and locating indexes integral to the castings.

Both bases have significantly better stability than round bases, and both have smaller footprints than typical tubular folding tripods, with better stability.

Surefoot Black Max Stands

Kit supplied to Noel Wagner PAC - Midland, TX

The line includes light weight low mass 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy tube, which is very stiff and recovers well from extreme loads, available in thin wall (1/16") or thick wall (1/8").

Heavy duty tubes are 1/16" wall 4130 Chromoly steel tube.

Aluminum and steel parts and assemblies are interchangeable, so that a stand/boom combination with a very high vertical strength pole/stem (4130) can be mated with a low-mass boom assembly (6061 T6), which keeps as much of the center of gravity as possible over the base.

Stand poles/stems, whether aluminum or 4130, feature lever locking clamps that grip the sliding tubes. The gripping action prevents movement under all normal conditions and considerable vertical loads (10-15 pounds), but if abnormal pressures are applied the saddles are designed to allow slippage to prevent damage.

A fine texture wrinkle powder coat finish provides enhanced grip on the tubes and eliminates specular reflections under stage lighting. Standard tubing lengths are below.


Black Max "Maxi"

4-section stand with 3/8", 5/8", 7/8", and 1-1/4" sections.
34" tall collapsed, 72" tall fully extended.

Black Max "Mini"

2-section stand  with 7/8" and 5/8" stand tubes; and 2-section Miniboom with 5/8" and 3/8" boom tubes.

21" tall when collapsed and stowed.

Aluminum Tubing sections with Stainless Steel threaded slugs.

Surefoot stand and boom tubes work in either an "extension" role or "termination" role. The "extension" role end of the tubes is intended for a extension clamp fixture to be screwed on to add the next smaller extension tube size to the assembly, allowing the smaller tube section to telescope from, or collapse into, the larger tube.

The termination end of the tube is intended to be used for daily attachment/detachment of microphones and accessories, or for the high-stress bending moments of the tube screwed into a base. The termination end is closed as explained below. Accessories such as boom heads or microphone clips  can be screwed on, but smaller telescoping tubes and their extension clamping fixtures cannot.

To swap the extension and temination roles, (to convert a stand or boom to 3 sections instead of two for example)the tube is  easily removed and reversed.

Surefoot aluminum tubes are very lightweight, strong. and able to spring back from heavy loading. However the threaded aluminum extension end is not intended to be used for daily threading / unthreading operations or for being screwed into a base. Therefore one end of the aluminum tubes are fitted with precision machined stainless steel threaded "slugs" which reinforce the "termination" or load bearing / daily threading end of the tubes.

Even if badly "dinged" the stainless slug threads can usually be restored by running a threading die over them. If not, the slug can be replaced.

Surefoot 4130 steel tubes work in either an extension or termination role, since the 4130 steel does not require thread slugs. However, as is always the case with steel, there is a weight penalty.

4130 and aluminum tubes can be mixed within an assembly, for example steel tubes in the sections with the most stress and aluminum in extension roles to conserve the center of gravity of the stand.


The entire line is designed to be field repairable, rebuildable, and reconfigureable. You have good money invested in your stands, you should be able to repair them instead of throwing them away. If you need a special configuration for a specific application, you should be able to build it up.

A key feature of our products is lever-actuated friction clutches that lock moving or extensible features, and some features such as boom tilt can also be pinned so that they absolutely cannot move..

Surefoot Black Max Boom Tubes and Heads

Constructed from the same dimensional tubing sizes as the stand pole/stems, Surefoot Black Max boom sections or complete boom assemblies are interchangeable with pole extension sections or complete pole assemblies.

Therefore, a 6-foot tall multi-section stand pole can quickly be configured as a 6-foot long high strength boom, or vice-versa; simply by mating the tube assembly with a boom head.

This is a 7 foot long boom assembly that has been mated to a Longfoot Base, becoming a 7' tall stand.

No modifications are required.

For applications where a very tall microphone mount for audience or track sound pickup , such as broadcast applications where microphones are attached to a barrier fence at a race.

This stand pole 1-1/8" bottom section is compatible with a Laird/Antennex FM2 antenna mount or equivalent and can be attached to a fence with up to 2" pipe construction without the use of a base.


As with stand poles, boom poles sections are fitted with a threaded stainless steel "slug" in one end for repeated screw-on/screw-off daily operations of microphones or booms; or where significant torque and stress will be applied to the threading.

The other end of the aluminum or steel tube is threaded for occasional screw-on/off operations such as attaching tube extension lever-locks.



"Maxi" Boom Head

1-1/4" OD 1/8" wall main section (machined and threaded 1-1/8"), 7/8" and 5/8" extensible sections.
Optional 3/8" final section.

The head with
nested threads will screw onto 1-1/4" (threaded 1-1/8") base tubes or 7/8" base tubes

5.625 degree increment pin-in-place tilt angles and/or continuous friction tilt clamp.
(Push button ball pin optional, T-handle ball pin standard).

- Very stable long reach keyboard vocal
- Very stable long reach drum vocal
- Drum Overheads
- Orchestra, Choir, or Audience microphone support

With all 4 sections total reach can be 7 feet with a light microphone for applications such as choir or orchestral mics.

When properly counterweighted, the friction tilt clamp lever can be set so that even a long boom can be raised or lowered with a fingertip and hold its position for applications such as drum or keyboard vocals. Pins can then be used to hard-limit the raise/lower travel of the boom.


"Middie" Boom Head

7/8" main section, 5/8" extensible section.
Optional 3/8" final section.
5.625 degree increment pin-in-place or friction tilt clamp.
Push button pin optional.

Nested threading onto 7/8" and 5/8" pole tubes.

- Medium to Long Reach vocal booms. Will easily reach to the center of a 88 key keyboard.

- Drum Overhead

This is the boom shown in the "8 pounds of water" test. 


"Mini" Boom Head

5/8" and 3/8" sections.
The Miniboom head provides 11.25 degree increment pin holes that absolutely prevent movement if required. Friction tilt clutch standard.

Threads onto 5/8" pole tubes.

Available to accomodate either 5/8" or 7/8" main boom tube. (5/8" shown)

-Vocal and any normal boom use
-Within drum sets on crowded drum risers
-Acoustic Instrument miking
-Amplifier miking
-Secondary head for Multi-articulated booms


Special Builds

The modular design of Surefoot Stands and Black Max Booms allows the assembly of unusual or custom configurations for special applications from standard or custom tubing sections and standard boom heads and other accessories to solve problems that other stands can't.

Below and Right - A special configuration for an adaptable utility stand for kick drum micing or other low-angle applications. This stand is double articulated and allows the boom to enter a front head hole no matter where it is located vertically.

This combination can "wrap around" an instrument amplifier to keep stands off of stage space.

It uses a normal lightweight short instrument mic stand and boom, with a second boom head and a two section (7/8" and 5/8") 24" Microboom.

This stand configuration can be used to put a microphone in through a low front head hole of a kick drum and reach back into the drum to close-mic the beater.

Kick drum stand/double articulated boom combination folded for transport
Double articulated test build to illustrate the stability of the combination with a heavy RE20 mic.
Standard boom/stand tubes     

     3/8" Aluminum or steel - 1/16" wall
     6", 9", 16", and 22"

     5/8" Aluminum or steel - 1/16" wall
     6", 12", 16", 20", 31"

     7/8" Aluminum or steel - 1/16" wall
     6", 12", 21", 31"

    1-1/4" Aluminum - 1/8" wall, (threaded 1-1/8")

    1-1/8" 4130 steel - 1/16" wall
       7/8" 4130 steel - 1/16" wall
     Both tubing types available in 20", 31" or 48"

 Special and custom lengths available per inch


Don't you hate it when you have a crowded drum riser or an instrument amp micing situation and you need a really short boom that doesn't stick out in the way?

Assembled from short sections of tubing and a Mini Head, Microbooms can be used to reduce excess length clutter that happens inside and around drum sets when full length booms are used for very short reaches such as snare, hat, and tom mics, as well as other percussion instruments; when riser space is at a premium and the unneeded length of standard booms gets in the way.

The example shown has a collapsed length of 8" from stand centerline and an extended length of 13" from stand centerline.

This is one example, any tube length can be used and built up in the field.


In the third photo, a microboom with 5/8" and 3/8" sections is attached to a stand with a Traveler clamp as it might be used for a microphone on an acoustic instrument being played by a vocalist, eliminating the need for a second stand and boom for the instrument microphone.

The Traveler clamp can be positioned anywhere on the main 7/8" tube of a stand between the tube extension clamp fixure and the base.

Unlike other accessory clamps, a Traveler has no set screw to come loose, and it can be easily repositioned by opening the lever clamp, moving it, and closing the clamp.

A stand with a Traveler is also a perfect solution for Leslies utilizing high and low microphones with or without booms.