Compatibility with other quality manufacturers



Atlas MS10/12

Atlas MS20/43
There are other quality industry standard microphone stands out there in the market, and we respect their legacy. We've been users of these products for many years ourselves on the road.

Our bases are either directly compatible, such as with Atlas stand poles with 27 pitch threading; or are easily modified to be compatible, such as with K&M poles by adding our threaded stainless slugs.

Some performers like the convenience of one-handed pistol-grip stand movement, so we have adapters for the pistol grip stands made by Onstage to mate them with our bases.

Some products can be fitted with some of the accessories we make, for example Atlas poles can be upgraded to lever-action tube locks, and K&M poles and booms can be upgraded to a rugged steel set screw that won't lose its plastic knob.

K&M Booms can be upgraded with locking clutch discs to replace the problematic rubber discs, and a very strong lever lock.

Legacy AKG booms can also be upgraded.

K&M 199


Some inexpensive off-shore music store stands just won't work, specifically those with a large washer welded to the end of the pole in place of a proper jam nut. The large washer prevents the folding legs of Surefoot bases to operate properly.

The threading of these stands is inferior, done with a roll process rather than die threading because the tubing is so thin that it can't support die threading with proper thread depth.

Some inexpensive music store products have non-standard pitch threading and obviously it won't work, and they are not worth adapting anyway.



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