Hynes Event Center - Llano Grande Resort and RV Park, Mercedes, Texas

The Hynes Center is a 25,000 square foot performance and activity space at a very large Resort and RV Park featuring several hundred RV spaces and permanent structures. The center hosts a variety of daily activities for the seasonal winter residents of the Resort, including  performances by touring musical Artists.

After an Alcons demonstration at our facility, Surefoot Sound was asked by Marko Hunt, FOH engineer for The Oak Ridge Boys, to design a system for Hynes utilizing Alcons Audio Products.
The system chosen was the LR7 Micro-Line Array due to its very small and unobtrusive physical form factor, its amazingly high output, and its equally amazing sonic quality in such a small package.

The system consists of 9 - LR7 Line Array boxes per side, 4 - BF302 Dual 15" subwoofers, and 2 - SR9 In-fill monitors for stage lip front fill.

The system is powered by 2 - Sentinel 10 (4 x 2.5KW channels each) amplified controllers with self-contained DSP, which implement system alignment, EQ, and gain shading.

SR9 Front Fills are in the stage lip, shown prior to the house carpenters staining the trim around them. (To see this image full size, right click and select "view image".)




  BF302 dual 15" subs recessed into the stage lip at floor level
(right click and "view image" for full size)

The Sentinel amplified controllers are mounted in a wall rack, a patch bay is provided at the bottom allowing visiting engineers to drive the system in a variety of configurations, from whole-system-in-stereo to individual subsystem channels in stereo. Presets in the controllers permit various system drive configurations to be selected.

Opening Night, Oak Ridge Boys, the view from Marko's FOH console

The original design was for 9 - LR7s per side, however to meet budget requirements, the system was downsized to 6 per side (shown here) for the initial installation. The system was subsequently upgraded to the original specification including front fills.

System Installed by our sister company, 3rd St. R & D Production Services


Marko's review on first use of the system:

"Last night I did my first show on the new Alcons LR-7 Micro-array system with their S10 amplifier/controller I had specified for installation in the new Hynes Center in Mercedes, Tx. After firing up the system and putting on some tunes, I walked the room and the first thing you notice is a lack of phase shift in the high end as you move around or hump the middle as you cross left to right. At the same time the soundstage is very wide and the frequency response maintains very well at the horizontal extremes. As well, highs and mids are smooth and excellent to the back of the room. This blew away even my previous positive experience with ribbon drivers.

Normally I would have concerns about a box this small as to low mids. I had set the rig up as L-R plus subs on aux so I could see how the LR-7's did on their own and was presented with a full sound, even having to pull a bit of 125-160hz. With the subs added in I had the whole thumping shebang. Amazing!

The real test came at showtime as I have a 6 piece band with a slamming drummer, great solid bass player, lead and steel guitars as well as an acoustic player and keyboardist. In front of that is the legendary Oak Ridge Boys quartet featuring the extraordinary bass voice of Richard Sterban. And I was not disappointed. I have mixed these guys on systems ranging from the largest deployed K-1 rig to the worst junk made up of old Peavy wedges, and they can often be a challenge but last night was good from the go. With very minute EQ changes I had a great solid drum and bass foundation, body in the voices and great definition on all the players. And when the bass singer hit his first solo note the crowd came unglued as the walls rattled and yet sat clearly in the mix with the other guys, another test of a good system.

All of this from a system that when first viewed would make any seasoned pro think "no way"!


Marko Hunt
FOH, The Oak Ridge Boys